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The House That ADHD Built feat. in ADHD Lifestyle Magazine 2020

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Special First Edition Intentional Living 20 Tools to Flourish and Achieve Your Goals FEATURE SPOTLIGHT The House That ADHD Built Interview with Bri Braxton Plyler Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria 2020 ISSUE ONE

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The House That ADHD Built The Life That Bri and Braxton Built Written by Janine White Two entrepreneurs with ADHD have crafted a supportive marriage and a successful business by getting creative and real with themselves and the world 32 2020 ISSUE ONE

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Now that we understand our ADHD we re more willing to show compassion and a little more grace www OdinBuilds com www instagram com TheHouseThatADHDBuilt ADHD LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 33

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Bri 34 who says she is more on the hyperactive side was diagnosed less than a year ago I m still uncovering which parts of me or my personality or my struggles are related to ADHD she says Even before her diagnosis the Plylers were searching listening to motivational podcasts and reading time management books One of the things that I think brought us together is we are both very driven in the land of personal development How can we be better as people Bri says We tried different tools all along and once I figured out what was actually going on I said we were trying to start a car with the wrong key Now that we have the understanding we ve started to uncover the tools that actually work for our brains Even though Bri and Braxton Plyler were diagnosed with ADHD decades apart today they are on a shared path of self discovery and entrepreneurship they own design build firm Odin Construction and the journey Bri says is making them better partners in life and in business Braxton 35 is ADHD inattentive which was identified when he was in first grade he took Ritalin until fifth grade Then to this day I don t know why I haven t asked but that just stopped Braxton says adding that his family never really talked about it He notes that his ADHD is about knowing what he needs to be doing and not understanding why at the end of the day the things that need to be done don t get done After going off medication he didn t think about ADHD again until he got to college and faced pressures like term paper deadlines Then again in his first job out of college in heavy industrial construction project management he says I did my job very well but I had to work extremely hard to do that 34 2020 ISSUE ONE She names aids such as making priority lists breaking up big tasks into smaller parts and using timers and alarms They have dry erase magnets on their refrigerator for reminder notes about leftovers and food that s often forgotten in drawers Bri s diagnosis combined with her zeal for exploring all things ADHD has helped Braxton take a fresh look at his childhood diagnosis and early adulthood challenges I have a better understanding now of ADHD than I ever did he says Entrepreneurs with a Vision Brax has had dreams of owning a business for as long as I ve known him says Bri She was hesitant at first about launching Odin Construction but says now that growing a business with him has been really cool for our marriage Remodeling is in Braxton s blood His dad was an engineer by day and his entrepreneurial mom owned a few businesses Together they bought fixer uppers and lived in them while remodeling They are now amicably divorced but when Braxton was about 7 years old they purchased a large piece of land with two condemned houses that would serve as inspiration for how he wanted to make a living as an adult For my entire childhood we were working on these old houses Braxton says One of the houses was built as one room in 1896 and then had been added on to for the next 80 100 years It was definitely not a quick process It was my dad and my two brothers and we were little kids just working and building and doing Bri and Braxton got married on the property

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According to her the business suits them both We don t have the same day twice so I think that helps with the boredom she says I bounced around job to job and now I don t have time to get bored So I think there s a lot of value in that for us for our brains She says the impulsiveness that comes with ADHD can also be a benefit as a business owner in any industry There s a lot of room for that to be positive because you have to make quick decisions and you have to be willing to act Not to say we don t overthink because we definitely do But sometimes it s OK skip thinking just do Bri explains The overthinking aspect is a strength too in their line of business when being picky about hiring subcontractors who will be going into their clients homes is crucial to their reputation ADHD is never an excuse at Odin Construction Soon after he left heavy construction Braxton started a business with a friend maintaining foreclosed homes That led to flipping houses for a real estate rental company It was Braxton says a great opportunity to learn and eventually he was ready to make his dream of working directly with clients on high end remodeling a reality In late 2016 he and Bri started Odin Construction in Greenville South Carolina not far from where they both grew up At first Bri kept her job with an outdoor recreation company for diversity of income but with business booming she shifted to Odin full time at the beginning of 2020 She focuses on sales and marketing telling the story of Braxton s craftsmanship and she also helps to manage their projects which range from brand new luxurious outdoor living spaces to high end kitchen remodels Most of their clients find them through referrals Where we re differentiating ourselves is the communication piece Bri says of their aim to be transparent and responsive with clients ADHD comes up as a natural connector sometimes Recently when a client told Bri he had ADHD they were able to share experiences It s not something we advertise or share openly with just every client but it comes up more often than I ever thought it would she says It comes up when clients and we can both relate to the fact that we ve talked about 27 different things in 14 minutes and neither of us know where our keys are She notes that ADHD is never an excuse at Odin Construction however One thing we will never say is Oh well we didn t get that to you because we have ADHD It is physically exhausting battling this all the time but to the client and this is absolutely the goal I would never want them to know how hard it was for me to get here on time or respond to your email the day I said I was going to respond to it Being married and owning a business and having ADHD altogether does present work life balance challenges both Braxton and Bri say ADHD LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 35

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It s a work in progress Braxton says adding that he often will get focused on finishing a job and not let up His time blindness and tendency to burn out is something that Bri helps to mitigate A lot of that is I put more on myself than I really should or can t handle It s not that I don t understand that is not healthy or sustainable he says I definitely lean on Bri to help keep me in check there Now that Bri is full time at Odin she can help manage the day to day schedule She jokingly calls herself Braxton s handler and says she ll call out when he has four days worth of work scheduled in one day Another plus They can be together in a way most married couples who go off to separate 9 to 5 jobs don t experience And while they acknowledge that growing a business especially in the early years is time consuming and stressful they both say family is important and they strive to make time for that They re keenly aware that their 17 year old daughter who splits time between Bri and Braxton s home and her dad and his wife s house won t be home much longer Again entrepreneurship means Bri can take her daughter shopping or cheer her on in an away softball game in the middle of the afternoon Building Supportive Communities As Odin Construction grows and continues to serve as Braxton s creative outlet in the world of hammer and drywall Bri is carving out a space she can call her own through social media In addition to running Odin Construction s Instagram and Facebook page she has a thriving personal Instagram account called The House That ADHD Built that fuels her dual passions of writing and mental health ADHD LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 37

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The platform is also where she finds good resources on ADHD and looks to make connections with other entrepreneurs with ADHD You just watch in real life and on social media this world where doing dishes and brushing your teeth consistently and doing paperwork as soon as it s sent your way and paying all your bills right on time looks so easy Bri says And it can get really heavy and discouraging when that s what you see every day and you don t know why the hell you can t do it The online ADHD community has been absolutely invaluable Just understanding that we re not alone Her own advice for entrepreneurs with ADHD For people with ADHD and Braxton has a really hard time with this one but I think he ll agree is learning to be kind to yourself learning to be gentle and acknowledging that making a mistake doesn t make you she says Learning to be kind to yourself learning to be gentle and acknowledging that making a mistake doesn t make you 38 2020 ISSUE ONE Bri is determined to expand the community through The House That ADHD Built which offers inspiration tips and relatable personal confessions Just as Odin aims to be fully transparent with design build clients Bri is very open about her ADHD on Instagram Postings include the regular Fun Fails Friday and What s in my toolbox and quick helpful quotes like There is value in your volume She s launching a blog soon and has plans to write books Though Braxton isn t into social media he does see the value to the business as well as in the resources they find regarding ADHD YouTube is his go to site The couple s combined research efforts blend into a melting pot of mutual support with each regularly passing along to the other what they ve just learned

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In a world where online information can be overwhelming for everyone Bri conjures the image of the mama bird chewing up a worm to feed her babies to describe how she and Braxton digest process summarize and share what they learn with one another Their ever expanding awareness about how ADHD impacts them both has been says Bri a game changer in our marriage for the better They re now able to recognize that issues that created tension in the past were caused by ADHD Now that we understand what they are instead of just being annoyed by it we look for ways to help one another or we re more willing to show compassion and a little more grace Bri explains Even the world s greatest baseball player sometimes strikes out right says Bri adding that s a good daily reminder for all entrepreneurs with ADHD who might ask Am I supposed to be here Am I really good enough to be doing this If you stumble or you struggle or you re not able to meet your probably unrealistic expectations in performing every time you just have to remember that and keep going It s a roller coaster ride Blood sweat and tears is so freaking real But it s worth it Strengthening their marriage naturally makes them better business partners for each other and they intend to keep growing Odin Construction while exploring ADHD Bri notes that the life business journey isn t just about awareness but also self love ADHD LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE 39

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It is difficult to find happiness within oneself but it is impossible to find it anywhere else ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER